We are Buster and Isabelle Smith. Buster has only been riding horses for a few years, but since he loves animals he bonds with all our FoxTrotters, especially the babies.

I have loved horses all my life. My dad gave me my first Welch pony when I was 6, and Princess and I were inseparable. We would ride together, my dad on Red and me on Princess, and Princess had no trouble keeping up with them even though Red was a big horse!

When I outgrew Princess, I would let the neighborhood children ride her and she brought a lot of joy to a lot of kids. My next horse was a buckskin quarter horse named Brandy. Brandy did everything I asked of him including crossing (he preferred jumping) logs on the trail. He had a rocking little canter that was so much fun to ride, much like the canter my FoxTrotter mare “Heart” has now.

I had to do without a horse during the years I spent working in the city, until I decided to bite the bullet and spend $400 a month to board a horse close to my home. I first bought a Tennessee Walker and he was a nice trail horse and smooth gaited. I was satisfied with him till I rode a friend’s Missouri FoxTrotter. I had never ridden a horse that was so smooth and so sweet! I sold the Tennessee Walker to my next-door neighbor in the boarding stable and bought my first FoxTrotter. Some time later I heard the saying about FoxTrotters,
“To Ride One Is to Own One.” It was true for me!

In 1995 I bought a 100-year-old horse farm in northeast Texas and began breeding FoxTrotters on a small scale. I don’t breed a lot of horses, and the ones I do breed and raise are bred for smooth gait, sweet disposition and natural beauty. Our foals are imprinted at birth and we begin halter breaking at one day old. All horses are up to date on worming, foot care and vaccinations.

We have shown in the show ring but prefer camping and trailriding with friends and their FoxTrotters. I especially enjoy seeing one of my friends riding and bonding with a FoxTrotter I raised!

We would like to share this beautiful breed with anyone who loves horses. Call and come by and see how beautiful they are!

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