Blackberry Sunrise was foaled May 14, 2002 and spent most of her life as a brood mare, until the spring of 2012 when Isabelle and Buster Smith decided that with her beauty and loving disposition, she deserved to learn how to be ridden More Info

Sundust's Lady Legacy (TuTu)

Sundust's Lady Legacy (TuTu) was foaled January 2, 2002 and she was one of the last foals out of the popular stallion named SunDust E., who died soon thereafter. The stallion's beauty, sweet disposition and natural smooth gait were sought after by breeders. More Info

Blackberry's Gorgeous Girl - "GG"

Blackberry's Gorgeous Girl , "GG" was foaled here April 22, 2011 and she has been a sweetheart since Day One. We imprinted her before she was a day old – getting her used to being rubbed and patted all over, ears pulled, spray bottle resembling fly spray, feet tapped to prepare her for the farrier and everything else we could think of to get her used to having people fool with her More Info

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